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Quality product quality
Source stable and high quality, inherit the German henkel technology, all products have been ISO quality certification, product quality is fully in line with the national issued standards, through the third party testing department's strict testing before leaving the factory
Our company has been committed to the environmental protection of our products, and has cooperated with international testing institutions for many years. All our products meet the oeko-tex Standrd 100 standard, and do not contain the SVHC regulated by eu REACH. Some of our products have obtained the GOTS 5.0 certification
20 years of professional skills
In case of technical problems, the RGQ team will listen to and solve them attentively, and provide customers with sound technical support. The interests of the customers are our interests, and the first is to fully understand and meet the needs of the customers

Foshan Chenhui Chemical Development Ltd.
From 120 years of German technology and high quality formula, Foshan Chenhui Chemical Development Ltd. was established in 1999 in Foshan near Guangzhou city. We are a research and production, sales service professional textile auxiliaries company. The products cover the whole process: Pretreatment, dyeing and printing, softening and finishing. In 2004, we have passed the ISO9001 2000 quality system certification, and through the 2008 version of the certification in May 2009.

Ensure that our products meet the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 standards and does not include the REACH regulations ( SVHC ).  We received GOTS 5.0 and GOTS 6.0 certification in 2017 and 2020.

ADD: Huangqi, Nanhai Foshan, Guangdong province, China
TEL: +85-757-85933191 85933019
E-mail: fsch1999@163.com
Web:www.fsch 1999.com, www.晨輝.cn
Foshan Chenhui Chemical Development Ltd
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